Pricing & Payment

Payment Options

We would be happy to discuss fees and payment options at your free meet and greet (for birth planning). We accept most insurance including Medicare and Medicaid (if not in an HMO) and are proud to be in network with WEA insurance. We offer a same day pay discount as well. The amount that insurance covers varies from company to company; we will help you run a verification of benefits to determine as accurately as possible the out of pocket fees for your birth or health care.

Sample Visits and Procedures

Annual Physical$140
Yearly physical exam for all ages.
Simple Urgent Care$91
Common cold, ear ache, pink eye, sore throat. No labs.
Follow Up Visit$70-140
Medication refills, post hospital stay, chronic health management.
Joint Injection$125
Injection of one joint for pain control or inflammation.
Hormone Replacement Therapy Consult$140
Initial consult for HRT, bio-identical pellets, creams, anti-aging, trochar.
Skin Tag Removal$100
Simple Removal of up to fifteen skin tags.
OB Ultra Sound <14 Weeks$337
OB Ultra Sound >14 Weeks$337
Pelvic Ultrasound Non-OB$391

Sample Labs

Thyroid (TSH)$59
General Health Panel
(TSH, CBC, Liver Function and Kidney Function)
Lipid Profile
Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides
Complete Blood Count (CBC)$42
Rapid Strep Throat$45
Hemoglobin A1C
Diabetic Glucose Monitoring
PAP – w/o HPV$71
PAP – HPV Add On$110
Lyme Panel$100