Our Mission for Care:

Our Mission at Footprints in Time is to support women and their families by providing family care, prenatal care, health education and screenings while promoting healthy choices for well-being, pregnancy, and birth.

Our Philosophy of Care:

We believe in establishing partnerships between patients and their healthcare providers. To promote this partnership in care, we offer guidance and education so that patients can make informed health care decisions. It is the patient’s responsibility to communicate with their provider and take an active role in the decision making process. It is our responsibility to provide competent care that is sensitive and supportive of the patient’s choices.

Our Vision for Care:

  • To be an educational resource for our clients, community, and our profession.
  • To be financially responsible in providing cost-effective healthcare.
  • To provide health and wellness services for families.
  • To promote care by licensed midwives and the choice for out-of-hospital birth.
  • To support women in their choice of where and how to give birth.
  • To support the natural process of pregnancy and birth.