Footprints in Time believes in providing affordable health care without inflated fees. We would be happy to discuss our fees and your payment options.


All self-pay patients are welcome and we offer a 35% discount when fees are paid in full at the time of service. Discounted pre-paid packages are also offered for prenatal care and birth. Payments can be made by cash, check, credit/debit card or HSA/FSA card.

Health Shares / Co-Ops

Coverage from Samaritan, Medi-Share, Christian Healthcare Ministries and other health sharing groups are accepted and sometimes compatible with our same-day payment discount.


Footprints in Time can bill Security Health Plan, Anthem, The Alliance Network, United Healthcare, WEA Trust, Medicare, Tricare, and Medicaid / Forward Health as an in-network provider and most other plans as an out-of-network provider. The amount that insurance covers varies from company to company. Our biller can do a verification of benefits to determine, as accurately as possible, the out of pocket fees for your care.

Accepted Plans
  • Aetna Affordable Health Choices® limited benefits insurance plan (SRC only)
  • Aetna Choice® POS II (Open Access)
  • Aetna Open Access® Elect Choice® EPO (Aetna HealthFund®)
  • Aetna Open Access® Managed Choice® POS (Aetna HealthFund®)
  • Aetna Select℠
  • Aetna Select℠ (Open Access)
  • Aetna Voluntary Plans
  • Aetna with Innovation Health Aetna Select
  • Aetna with Innovation Health POS
  • Aetna with Innovation Health PPO
  • Elect Choice® EPO (Open Access)
  • Managed Choice® POS
  • Managed Choice® POS (Open Access)
  • National Advantage™ Program
  • North Carolina State Health Plan – Effective 2025
  • Open Access Aetna Select℠ (Aetna HealthFund®)
  • Open Choice® PPO
  • Open Choice® PPO (Aetna HealthFund®)

Aetna Find a Provider

The Alliance Network provider list is employer specific. Visit the “Find a Doctor” page to check if Footprints in Time is in-network with your plan.

The Alliance Find a Provider

Accepted Plans
  • BlueCard PPO Basic
  • BlueCard PPO/EPO
  • BlueCard Traditional
  • Medicare Advantage PPO

Anthem Provider Directory

Accepted Plans
  • BadgerCare Plus Standard Plan (Non-HMO)
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO
  • Security Health Plan HMO
  • UnitedHealthcare HMO
BadgerCare Find a Provider
Note: For HMO options, visit that company’s website to find providers.
Changing your Forward Health HMO
It may be possible to change your Forward Health HMO. There are some restrictions that depend on where you are at in your enrollment cycle. You can call 1-800-291-2002 and choose the “HMO” option to speak to a specialist. If you cannot change your HMO, you can request a midwife exemption. Simply state that you would like to use an out-of-hospital midwife that is not in your current HMO. This will temporarily move you to the BadgerCare Plus Standard Plan for your pregnancy care.

Accepted Plans
  • Medicare Standard
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
    • Aetna
    • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Security Health Plan
    • UnitedHealthcare

We can also bill most supplement plans!

Accepted Plans
  • POS
  • HMO

Security Health Plan Find a Provider

Footprints in Time is a “Participating Non-network Provider” for Tricare. This means we can see most members under the TRICARE Select, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve, and TRICARE Young Adult-Select plans. Members under the TRICARE Prime plans may have additional restrictions.

Non-network TRICARE Provider Information

TRICARE Find a Non-network Provider

Accepted Plans
  • Choice Plus
  • Choice Plus Premier
  • Choice Plus Advanced
  • Charter Plus
  • Charter HMO/ Charter Balanced HMO/ Charter Plus HMO
  • Charter
  • Choice
  • Navigate
  • Charter Balanced
  • Choice Advanced
  • W500 Emergent Wrap
  • UnitedHealthcare Freedom EPO or PPO
  • Select Plus Premier
  • Select Plus
  • SelectColorado
  • Select
  • Passport Connect Choice Plus
  • Passport Connect Choice
  • Options PPO with Harvard Pilgrim
  • Options PPO Premier
  • Options PPO
  • NexusACO Plans (all)
  • Navigate Premier
  • Navigate Plus Premier
  • NavigateNOW
  • Navigate Plus
  • Navigate HMOs (all)
  • Navigate
  • Navigate Balanced
  • Heritage Select HMO/POS
  • Heritage Select EPO
  • Heritage Select Advantage
  • Heritage Select Advantage-IA
  • Heritage Plus
  • Doctors Plan Plus
  • Doctors Plan HMO/ Doctors Plan Plus HMO
  • Doctors Plan
  • Core Premier
  • Core HMO / Core Essential HMO
  • Core Essential Premier
  • Core Essential
  • Core
  • Choice with Harvard Pilgrim

UnitedHealthcare Find a Provider