The midwives at Footprints accept most healthy, low risk women for prenatal care and birth at either of our nationally accredited, free standing birth centers. We believe in a woman’s inner strength, her body’s innate wisdom and her ability to carry and birth her baby. Women should be free to choose the safety and intimacy of a planned out-of-hospital birth. We would love to facilitate your birth of choice, offering you the caring hands of women who desire to honor your birth plan, with your family’s safety always forefront.

Free Meet & Greet

This gives us, and you, an opportunity to get to know each other, see if we are a good fit, and if we are the right women for you to have at your birth.

Prenatal Care

We provide comprehensive prenatal care, from confirmation of pregnancy through birth and postpartum. We also offer free pregnancy testing,

Childbirth Education

Childbirth classes and more. We have a lending library. Plus we have extended prenatal visits with education included at every visit.

Birth Center

For the families that would like an out-of-hospital birth setting, but do not want to deliver at home. A birth center still promotes family choice, and options to control their birth environment. Free WiFi available for families that want to share their birth with others.

Water Birth

We offer water labor or birth to women. Each birth suite has a birth pool available for use. We can monitor the baby during labor while you are in the birth pool.

Postpartum Care

We will not separate you and your baby during initial cares and exams. We observe and care for you and your baby after birth until both of you are stable. We teach you how to take care of yourself and your new baby.  Twenty-four to thirty-six hours following the birth, we come to your home to give you both an exam, assess feedings, and help with any issues you are having. Following the home exam we will continue with postpartum and newborn exams in the office.

Breastfeeding Support

We have breastfed our own children, and have assisted hundreds of moms to breastfeed. We believe in breastfeeding and the research that has proven the health benefits to both mom and baby.  We will be available by phone or in person to help you as you have questions after birth.

Family Planning

Family planning options discussed in a private home-like setting. Non-threatening and ample time for conversation and client questions. No physical required.